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Last of Days Part 2

Part 2: My last day at Ott's

For this entry, it'll be mostly pictures w/ descriptions cause naso much heppened except I worked and then said goodbye to everyone. ALSO though 3 customers hugged me when I left. awwww. I is love-ed.

Me & Leslee
Me & My friend, Leslee :( I'm gonna miss her lots

Leslee caught mid-sentence
I caught Leslee mid-sentence here, hehe!

Me & Jav
Me & Javier, he's my closest guy friend at Ott's

Me & Chris
Me & Chris, we decided it'd be a better picture if he side-mounted me

Me & Mike K.
Me & Mike, Chris & Mike are brothers, and they're singing and they're happy and they're coloured

Me & Vince
Me & Vince, aww I like getting hugs :D

Me & Varney
Me & Varney, he's the head cook cause his cooking skills are da awesomest...and he's only fondling his nipple a LITTLE so don't worry

Me & Dennis
Me & Denny Den Den (or at least that's what Jav called him haha)

Me & Deena
Me & Deena, she's awesomely nice even though she's so purty :)

Me & Gus
Me & Gus, whose real name is August (I remember being like who is August? and he was like that's my name.) Yeah..great story.

Me & Lynne
Me & Lynne (pronounced Linny), she always used to defend me against naysayers :)

Me & Lindsay
Me & Lindsay, finally someone my height!

Me & Michele Dark
Me & Michele, two peas in a pod unless I have a cold in which case I should stay in my own germ infested corner hehe

Me & Charmaine
Me & Charmaine, una chica sympatica y una quien habla español todo el tiempo. (haha my spanish sucks now)

Me & Maria
Me & Maria, she was my second in command boss and she was the nicer of the two

Marcus cleans the windows at Ott's once a week or so, he's fun! We hung out a lot towards the end cause there was nothin' doin' in the liquor store. haha

Jen, Michele, Steph, Me, Kara, Beth, Erica
Jen (the bartender), Michele, Steph (my lesbian stripper consort), Me, Kara (my friend waitress counselor), Beth, and Erica (the new girl who I dunno so well but seems nice)

group 2
Us again. Me & Erica aren't dressed up cause we're working.

And that's the wonder of my friends at Ott's. There were some people I never got to get pictures of. I'm gonna miss everybody though. Even Bob probably. I promise to come back & visit though. :( I hope at least SOME people I know still work there then.
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