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dreamin' about cartoon dinosaurs AGAIN

I had a dream about T-Rex from and I emailed the creator of the comic about it because I didn't know who else would appreciate it. Except maybe Nikki.

This is what I wrote/what happened:

This isn't important, but SOMEONE had to know cause it was funny to me. In my dream last night, I happened to be in a store and I saw underwear on a rack with T-Rex on it. The underwear was like some light green colour and it had a hawaiin flower design in red on the back and in a few places on the front and on the front left it had T-Rex from the 2nd panel and he had a word bubble and he was saying "WHAT?! I love T-Rex!" haha But they were on sale for like $0.11 because no one knew what it was really. I wanted to buy them all though. haha Just thought I'd let you know.

There was actually a WHOLE lot more to the dream...before all that I was supposed to get on a plane, but the whole airport lost power, and then my sister's boyfriend had some special pass (cause he has SOOO much money) that we were allowed to drive right up to the planes and just show our pass and get on. And we went through some crazy person's house and the cops got called and we hid in the backyard and they sent out search dogs and I was stuck in the barbed wire near the fence and behind some bushes. The cops couldn't see me but the dogs were near me and I had a rottweiler like 2 inches from my face sniffing me and I started meditating and breathing all slow. (The reason for this is because last night my dad was watching Bulletproof Monk and the monk was meditating and the attack dog was sitting all peaceful next to him) BTW in my dream it worked too. SO the dogs left, but we had to assume new identities cause the cops were looking for us for some reason. And we ran into this flea market type atmosphere and they had these rastafarian hats with fake dreadlocks, and I got someone to tattoo me so I looked black (I didn't actually experience the tattooing in the dream, it just happened) so I became a black rastafarian man (THAT REALLY IS MY DREAM, you know) and changed clothes. And honestly I think I dreamed that because the last thing I saw on TV before I went to bed was Black.White or whatever it's called. Where they spray paint the black family white and the white family black and set them loose in the community. haha You know, not that I think about it, this is probably a more appropriate post for my dream journal. I'll elaborate there, if I can remember my password.
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