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if you stop to think about it, life is pretty unreal. lucky us, we all get to meet different amazing people through our whole lives and experience terrible joy and great pain. we take it all for granted. not all the time, just 99.9%, including and especially me. well for just tonight i appreciate it all, you know one of those moods you just get in. so here's a photorial flashback:

Vito & Me
Me & Vito being our weird happy selves

Anna hugs my head
No one hugs my head like Anna hugs my head

Ryan times
Ryan had me fooled....but at the time I was a happy fool

Rachel & Vito
The odd couple, not cause they're opposites, just odd.

Wes...friend or foe...either way worth knowing

If I only I had a picture of being drug through the snow with one shoe

Nikki is the best
My best friend, partner in crime, hetero-lifemate, Nikki

My sister
My sister jen, my total opposite yet somehow we work well together

My Anthony
One of the first pictures my current boyfriend ever sent to me 7 years ago

My arch enemy from HS who is really my friend, Paul (these were taken in jest)

One of the only friends from elementary/HS that I kept in touch with

Work Friends
Chris & Vince (in the back) 2 friends from work - it just wouldn't be the same without 'em

The Reedster
Mike, one of the Frank & Co. (recently changed to Mike & Co.) who is of the fun variety of friends

Drawn for me by Anthony before we were a couple

Those all remind me of good times. If I didn't put up a picture of one of my friends that I would like to reminisce about it's cause I don't have your picture. And that's no one's fault but YOURS cause I save like every picture that anyone ever sends me practically. Anyway this post is more for me than you. I'm just sad cause I'll miss lots of things when I move to Canada. But I'm happy that I got to at least so many nice, fun, interesting people. :D I love you guys!!
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YEAH fun times. :D

do you crazy dudes still have msn? you and your loverman? i would like to say hello sometime! i still have anthony on my list but he is never on, so it's probably an extinct address.

ok, that is all!
No pictures of Moko? the Mokinator? El Mokirino?
haha El Mokadoro is absent cause I don't have any pictures of you. I USED to but ever since Ryan (the person I was dating while at Montclair) decided to delete all of my website (cause at the time it was on his server), I don't have all the pictures I used to have. :/ If only I had a picture of you making me laugh and shoot stuff out my nose!