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Wazzup bitches?! My birthday rocked!! My work surprised me with a cake and everyone had chipped in and bought me a bike! Yay! Now I don't have to walk to work!! :D Whore-ah!!! Also Nikki got me some cute spongebob socks and toe socks and monkey socks and cute lip gloss and a card with an old lady who looks like Kayla might look when old and confused. We went to see 40 Year Old Virgin which was SO funny. I literally almost peed because I had the largest size Coke ever. God I want to see it again. haha Wow I just found out "Cal" (Seth Rogen) from 40 Year Old Virgin was a writer for Da Ali G show and he's also a Canadian and was in Donnie Darko. Now that's frickin awesome! He was one of my favourite characters after "Andy". Anyway That was fun and I also got some scratch offs and a bike lock from my coworkers. Kara got me some cute socks, cute post-its and a journal, and Leslee got me a cute ring that actually fit and looked good on me. That's a hard thing to pull off. My dad got me two talking Napoleon Dynamite dolls (Napoleon and Pedro), and a talking Napoleon Dynamite pen, and a talking Stewie dashboard decoration (even though I don't have a car). Maybe I can find a way to attach it to my bike. Anyway check ya later! haha
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