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Ben Lee/Rufus Wainwright/Ben Folds concert

FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! (with the exception of Rufus W.)

I went to the concert in Atlantic City at the Borgata casino on 8/7. I went with my friend Bob and his friends Shaun and Jen. I'm not sure if I had met his friends before but they were really funny/nice. We went to TGI Friday's beforehand and I got a huge mango/strawberry daquiri. Then we carpooled down to the casino and stood for like an hour in a small crowd near the stage waiting for the concert to start.

Ben Lee

He was the opening act and surprisingly very good. He had lots of energy and was funny. He got the audience involved and jumped down off the stage to meet people. His songs were similar to Ben Folds but they weren't as magnificent, they were just "good". But that guy seems to be going places.

Rufus Wainwright

He looked JUST like that except in different clothes. He was really annoying/not talented. He was wearing a shiny flowery brooch and he kept dissing NJ and talking about being gay. He was a bad singer and his songs were boring and all of them were slow/sad. I can't believe there were people there who actually liked him. At one point he said "I don't even feel like I'm in NJ" and we were all like wtf because either way you look at that, it's not a compliment. haha because if he was having a good experience (why does that feel un-new jerseyish?) and if it was bad (then he was directly insulting us). so the crowd was kind of silent and he was like uhhh..."i feel like i'm on mars" and we were all like ....... and he said "like the aliens are going to come down and take me through their port hole" or SOMETHING that i'm not kidding you was as stupid as that. He was trying to save himself, but really he just looked like a big idiot. ANYWAY I hated him and so did 80% of the people there, he stole our Ben Folds time. the bastard! We all couldn't wait for him to get off the stage.

Ben Folds

This was my first time seeing him in concert. I had to stand practically sideways on my tiptoes for like an hour and a half but I didn't care. The show was so awesome. I love Ben Folds and he's so talented! The whole show at that point flew by and there wasn't anything about it I didn't like. He sang "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Dr. Dre but to Ben Foldsish music and it was hilarious. He got the audience involved a lot which was fun. He ended up on his piano at the end and he threw his piano stool at the piano at the end of his last song. :D It only cost $35!!! (the ticket to the show)

ANYWAY I gotta go now cause I'm not supposed to be on the computer. Just wanted to let everyone know about my trip. Thanks Bob!!! :D

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