Sharone (popefuel) wrote,

Mike Reed

Hi I'd just like to post my devoted thanks to Mike Reed. He has been my friend for quite some time, but I've never paid him any livejournal respects. Even though, I saved and treasured things he has sent me, he doesn't seem to find that adequate as an expression of my love. SO I decided to devote this entire livejournal entry to him. One time he created a horoscope about me. It goes as follows: THE NAME SHARON HAS LED YOU TO MANY HARDSHIPS IN LIFE. YOU NORMALLY HAVE A FATHER THAT LOOKS KIND OF LIKE KEVIN SPACEY. YOU TEND TO THINK A LOT. YOU ALWAYS NEED CHANGES, SO, WHEN YOU'RE AROUND 21, YOU MAY WANT TO DROP OUT OF COLLEGE JUST TO MAKE A CHANGE ON LIFE. SHARONS TEND TO MARRY AT A YOUNG AGE, BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. YOU ARE DEEP, PHILOSOPHICAL, AND REFINED. SHARONS TEND TO BE EXTERMELY DOWN TO EARTH, AND HAVE GREAT SENSES OF HUMOR. Isn't that groovy, though entirely in caps? I am now talking to him on the phone, he states, "I have a big ego, among other big things." I am drunk so I can't keep this up, but yeah Mike is great and I just wanted to express that.
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That's awesome. Kevin Spacey?


July 28 2005, 18:38:39 UTC 12 years ago

yes my dad looks kind of like kevin spacey and/or bruce willis and he has a similar mixture of their personalities in differnet things. For Kevin Spacey I'd say K-Pax and for Bruce Willis I'd say...Fifth Element.


July 29 2005, 07:58:05 UTC 12 years ago

This blog post is not about your dad, it's about Mike Reed, so keep it that way. :P j/k <3
-definately not mike reed. nope..... ;D