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07:19pm 22/06/2008
mood: triumphant
[Doot da doo da dee doo da da doooooo]

That was the trumpets signaling my return to the internet. Praise baby Jesus!!


Now that I've piqued your interest, you should know, that I don't really have anything to say. But I'm here, if y'all wanna talk to me...I may post something from time to time.

Update: I'm living in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I work in an office: www.kedemherbs.com and I practice yoga and hope to eventually become a teacher one day.

That's about all that has changed.

See you guys around!!

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The Final Frontier   
12:32am 17/04/2006
mood: exhausted
Part 4

Here are just 2 pitchers...I wanted one of my dad and my sister...cause I don't have any of my dad pretty much and I don't have any recent ones of my sister.

Is there a family resemblance? That's my good old dad.

I never had a more sisterly sister.

Just so you folks know (haha like anyone reads my journal), I'm moving to Canadia on Tuesday and I won't be updating for a whiiiiiiiiiiiiile cause I won't have internet. SO just bear that in mind and love me from memory. Aight? BYE!!!!

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Part 3   
12:14am 17/04/2006
mood: tired
Almost at the end!

At the end of the last night of work I hung out w/ my friend Wes & his friend Jim. It was SOOPER fun! Hanging out w/ Wes is always pretty fun cause we go on adventures, but we got to "recreate" which makes everything even more fun!

Anyway me, Wes & Jim went out near Wes' house...I THINK he lives in Turnersville or whatever. And we took this path through a small wooded area and came out by a huge lake and a bridge/waterfall thing. So we just chilled/talked/recreated for like 1-2 hours. And throughout the WHOLE time, it was thundering/lightning but no rain and it was AWESOME. It got especially awesome at the end, but it started raining after a little while on the walk back. At the end of the night we took pictures to commemorate it.

Me & Wes
Me & Wes outside his house, the only picture of us together ever taken!

Wes & Jim
Wes & Jim, Jim's got on fancy clothes! haha

fun times. fo' shizzle.

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Last of Days Part 2   
11:34pm 16/04/2006
mood: touched
Part 2: My last day at Ott's

For this entry, it'll be mostly pictures w/ descriptions cause naso much heppened except I worked and then said goodbye to everyone. ALSO though 3 customers hugged me when I left. awwww. I is love-ed.

Me & Leslee
Me & My friend, Leslee :( I'm gonna miss her lots

Leslee caught mid-sentence
I caught Leslee mid-sentence here, hehe!

Me & Jav
Me & Javier, he's my closest guy friend at Ott's

Me & Chris
Me & Chris, we decided it'd be a better picture if he side-mounted me

Me & Mike K.
Me & Mike, Chris & Mike are brothers, and they're singing and they're happy and they're coloured

Me & Vince
Me & Vince, aww I like getting hugs :D

Me & Varney
Me & Varney, he's the head cook cause his cooking skills are da awesomest...and he's only fondling his nipple a LITTLE so don't worry

Me & Dennis
Me & Denny Den Den (or at least that's what Jav called him haha)

Me & Deena
Me & Deena, she's awesomely nice even though she's so purty :)

Me & Gus
Me & Gus, whose real name is August (I remember being like who is August? and he was like that's my name.) Yeah..great story.

Me & Lynne
Me & Lynne (pronounced Linny), she always used to defend me against naysayers :)

Me & Lindsay
Me & Lindsay, finally someone my height!

Me & Michele Dark
Me & Michele, two peas in a pod unless I have a cold in which case I should stay in my own germ infested corner hehe

Me & Charmaine
Me & Charmaine, una chica sympatica y una quien habla español todo el tiempo. (haha my spanish sucks now)

Me & Maria
Me & Maria, she was my second in command boss and she was the nicer of the two

Marcus cleans the windows at Ott's once a week or so, he's fun! We hung out a lot towards the end cause there was nothin' doin' in the liquor store. haha

Jen, Michele, Steph, Me, Kara, Beth, Erica
Jen (the bartender), Michele, Steph (my lesbian stripper consort), Me, Kara (my friend waitress counselor), Beth, and Erica (the new girl who I dunno so well but seems nice)

group 2
Us again. Me & Erica aren't dressed up cause we're working.

And that's the wonder of my friends at Ott's. There were some people I never got to get pictures of. I'm gonna miss everybody though. Even Bob probably. I promise to come back & visit though. :( I hope at least SOME people I know still work there then.

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Last of Days   
09:21pm 16/04/2006
mood: cheerful
Hi everybody! I'm going to be posting a few posts of my last few days here. I took pictures of everyone at my work and also of a few friends who I won't be seeing for a while. I hope you like the photographic tales of what will be my last of days in NJ. (for now)

Part One: Hanging out w/ Mike Reed

I've been hanging out w/ lots of my friends over the past 2 weeks, but I didn't always have the foresight to bring a disposable camera. THIS time however, I did.

First, me & Mike went to Quizno's (our usual hanging out spot of 2 times) and ate some sammitches. I'm always up for eating sammitches, so it was fun. When I was ordering mine though, I was all difficult for the sandwich making guy...i asked him to let me try a few sauces cause i wanted to figure out the vinegar content. I apologized and he was pretty nice to me even though I knew he was like "what the FREAK?!" inside. So we munched our lunch and discussed stuff like things and relationships. Interesting! haha I always have fun w/ Mike because he compliments me a lot. haha. Silly old he. Except he's younger kind of old. It made me think of Ryan because whenever I think of relationship PROBLEMS I think of him. haha But at least I was able to let go of that and not dwell on it. And when we were done eating and still had some time left, we went to Tunes (our second usual hanging out spot following Quizno's of 2 times).

Tunes is awesome and I had wanted to go earlier in the year (but never got the chance), but I'm kind of glad I didn't BECAUSE: I spent at least $60. SIXTY BIZZUCKS. That's a lot....luckily I've been budgeting. I bought Bright Eyes (LIFTED or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground), Cursive (The Ugly Organ), Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon - I've never heard it before and people really react when I tell them that...like when I tell them I've NEVER seen Star Wars [the old one]), Rilo Kiley (Take Offs and Landings - how ironic), and Modest Mouse (The Lonesome Crowded West). I'm happy w/ my purchases for the MOST part...i could have lived without Cursive and Modest Mouse...i thought they were going to be betterish...based on the songs I heard of them that I liked, "Art is Hard" and "Polar Opposites" respectively. BUT I AM the kind of person who needs to listen to things like 10 times before I learn to appreciate it fully so we'll see.

ANYWAY I dunno exactly what Mike bought cause I fro-get...but I know he was checking out movies. Oh yeah and he has a pretty sweet car and a really good job which I didn't know about but he makes a LOT o' money per year. like a good few tens of thousands more than me. When we left Tunes, some lady asked us if we had time to answer some question, so to be nice, I did and then she ran off to get perfume samples and I was like whoa lady, i gotta go to work. AND like 2 seconds later getting into Mike's car, some guy was like Excuse me, do you have a second for me to ask you a question? And I said well is it about what that lady was just asking about the perfume? And he was like No, I just wanted to know what time it is. And so I felt all stupid/mean, but Mike was like "you know, he was just playing it off and he really was one of those question askers" (those weren't his exact words). and I realized HMM you're right. i hate being slow to stuff like that....i can't believe how naive i am. :P

Sadly, after Tunes, I had to go to werk, so Mike dropped me off but we got some picatures first. Courtesy of Marcus, the window cleaner at Otts. So here they are:

(Click Pictures to Embiggen)

Mike scarfing a sammitch
Mike scarfing a Quizno's sammitch

Me & Mike @ Ott's
I look all misshapen in the chin area cause I took the picture and had to lean back due to stubby arm syndrome

Me & Mike @ Ott's The Sequel
The Sequel...even better than the first

Thumbs Up
Mike's cheery good-bye :(

And that's all she wrote for that portion of the day. Also, if you're wondering why Mike gets talked about so much in my journal, when I don't even post that often, it's because he asks. You get what you ask for! haha I like all my friends, but I'm lazy about making plans and etc....I know I should get better :( But my pushier friends tend to get to see me more. Anyway more to come!

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Today was the worst day ever.   
01:06am 28/03/2006
mood: i want to die
I can't really write what I'd like to because I'm so wiped out. But the short of it is I have the flu, body feels like i was in a washing machine all night, fever, people at work have no sympathy, i probably won't be able to get off wed. and therefore won't be well enough to tackle all the work i have to do fri/sat, and almost hit by a car on the way home. to top it all off i bet sleeping will be difficult. feel sad for me, someone has to.

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Ryan from Qwantz's response   
01:05am 28/03/2006
mood: depressed
Hey Sharon,

Thanks! I wish I could tell you I had a dream where I made T-Rex underwear
and was ruined by them, but that has not happened... YET. If it does I will
be sure to stay away from the hawaiin flowers, on the strength of your dream


YAY!! boo about not having T-Rex underwear. haha

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dreamin' about cartoon dinosaurs AGAIN   
10:34am 26/03/2006
mood: lethargic
I had a dream about T-Rex from Qwantz.com and I emailed the creator of the comic about it because I didn't know who else would appreciate it. Except maybe Nikki.

This is what I wrote/what happened:

This isn't important, but SOMEONE had to know cause it was funny to me. In my dream last night, I happened to be in a store and I saw underwear on a rack with T-Rex on it. The underwear was like some light green colour and it had a hawaiin flower design in red on the back and in a few places on the front and on the front left it had T-Rex from the 2nd panel and he had a word bubble and he was saying "WHAT?! I love T-Rex!" haha But they were on sale for like $0.11 because no one knew what it was really. I wanted to buy them all though. haha Just thought I'd let you know.

There was actually a WHOLE lot more to the dream...before all that I was supposed to get on a plane, but the whole airport lost power, and then my sister's boyfriend had some special pass (cause he has SOOO much money) that we were allowed to drive right up to the planes and just show our pass and get on. And we went through some crazy person's house and the cops got called and we hid in the backyard and they sent out search dogs and I was stuck in the barbed wire near the fence and behind some bushes. The cops couldn't see me but the dogs were near me and I had a rottweiler like 2 inches from my face sniffing me and I started meditating and breathing all slow. (The reason for this is because last night my dad was watching Bulletproof Monk and the monk was meditating and the attack dog was sitting all peaceful next to him) BTW in my dream it worked too. SO the dogs left, but we had to assume new identities cause the cops were looking for us for some reason. And we ran into this flea market type atmosphere and they had these rastafarian hats with fake dreadlocks, and I got someone to tattoo me so I looked black (I didn't actually experience the tattooing in the dream, it just happened) so I became a black rastafarian man (THAT REALLY IS MY DREAM, you know) and changed clothes. And honestly I think I dreamed that because the last thing I saw on TV before I went to bed was Black.White or whatever it's called. Where they spray paint the black family white and the white family black and set them loose in the community. haha You know, not that I think about it, this is probably a more appropriate post for my dream journal. I'll elaborate there, if I can remember my password.

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11:20pm 22/03/2006
mood: grateful
if you stop to think about it, life is pretty unreal. lucky us, we all get to meet different amazing people through our whole lives and experience terrible joy and great pain. we take it all for granted. not all the time, just 99.9%, including and especially me. well for just tonight i appreciate it all, you know one of those moods you just get in. so here's a photorial flashback:

Vito & Me
Me & Vito being our weird happy selves

Anna hugs my head
No one hugs my head like Anna hugs my head

Ryan times
Ryan had me fooled....but at the time I was a happy fool

Rachel & Vito
The odd couple, not cause they're opposites, just odd.

Wes...friend or foe...either way worth knowing

If I only I had a picture of being drug through the snow with one shoe

Nikki is the best
My best friend, partner in crime, hetero-lifemate, Nikki

My sister
My sister jen, my total opposite yet somehow we work well together

My Anthony
One of the first pictures my current boyfriend ever sent to me 7 years ago

My arch enemy from HS who is really my friend, Paul (these were taken in jest)

One of the only friends from elementary/HS that I kept in touch with

Work Friends
Chris & Vince (in the back) 2 friends from work - it just wouldn't be the same without 'em

The Reedster
Mike, one of the Frank & Co. (recently changed to Mike & Co.) who is of the fun variety of friends

Drawn for me by Anthony before we were a couple

Those all remind me of good times. If I didn't put up a picture of one of my friends that I would like to reminisce about it's cause I don't have your picture. And that's no one's fault but YOURS cause I save like every picture that anyone ever sends me practically. Anyway this post is more for me than you. I'm just sad cause I'll miss lots of things when I move to Canada. But I'm happy that I got to at least so many nice, fun, interesting people. :D I love you guys!!

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Stéphanie LaPointe   
09:11pm 22/03/2006
mood: busy
Sup bitches? I buy lots of french music, but I actually found something that I liked that WASN'T rap! The singer's name is Stéphanie LaPointe. She reminds me of Ani Difranco kind of, although not THAT good, and also french. I liked almost every song on the CD I bought. So if you have similar musical tastes to me, and you like french, it's worth a listen. My favourites are: Quand je dors, Libre comme l'eau, La mer, Dis-moi, Je sais déja, & Love you (although that's not the best if you're listening to it just cause there's english in it).

This is her official site, there are pictures of her...she was such a cute kid!

I like her because she's kind of an idealist and her lyrics are like poetry sung. I'm one of those people that is at least 80% about lyrics. But she also has a beautiful voice. The music isn't anything AMAZING, but it goes well with the songs and it's interesting at least.

CD Cover:

"Sur le Fil"

I wish I could include some links to the songs and everything, but she's fairly new and I couldn't find any. My only worry is that she'll become popular like Celine Dion and stop singing in french and start singing in english. That's what they all do when they become popular. The bastards! Anyway hope you enjoy it.


Dis-moi à quoi tu penses
Comment vas-tu vers où tu vas
Dis-moi de tes silences
Lesquels sont habités...par...moi..

Dis-moi sur quelle fréquence
Je peux entendre ta voix
Dans quel coin de l'absence
Me rapprocher de...toi...

Dis-moi dans quels souvenirs
Tu trouves un peu de paix
Dis-moi pour te maudire
A quel point tu me hais...

Toi qui me plais... Toi qui me plais...

Dis-moi si la distance
efface mon visage
Dis-moi de tes errances
Si je suis du voyage

Dis-moi pour quelle urgence
Je peux revoir tes yeux
Dans quelle machine à chance
Je peux gagner...nous deux

Dis-moi dans quels désirs
Tu séjournes en secret
Dis-moi pour te maudire
A quel point tu me hais

Dis-moi où vont tes songes
Dans quels lieux, dans quels bras
Dis-moi de tes mensonges
Lesquels viennent de moi...

Toi qui me plais...
Toi qui me plais...
Toi qui me plais...trop
Toi qui me plais...trop
Toi qui me plais...trop
Toi qui me plais...trop

Translation (done by me - so it's kinda rough)
"Tell Me"

Tell me what you think
How you're going where you're going
Tell me about your silences
Those that I inhabit

Tell me on which frequency
I can hear your voice
In which forgotten corner
I'm brought closer to you

Tell me in which memories
You find a little peace
Tell me for cursing you
To what point you hate me

You who pleases me... You who pleases me...

Tell me if the distance
erases my face
Tell me how you've strayed
If I'm to take a trip

Tell me of what emergency
I can see your eyes again
In what device of fate
I can save us

Tell me in which desires
You remain in secret
Tell me for cursing you
To what point you hate me

Tell me where your dreams go
in which places, in whose arms
Tell me of your lies
Those that come from me

You who pleases me
You who pleases me
You who pleases me too much
You who pleases me too much
You who pleases me too much
You who pleases me too much


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entry of the year!   
08:54pm 22/03/2006
mood: cheerful
i declared this entry of the year. and seeing how it's the only real entry so far this year, why not? i have some real stuff to talk about for once.

Part A.
I just got back from Canada. I was there for 2 weeks visiting my boyfriend. It was the most AWESOME week ever. The only happier visit I've ever had might have been when I first met my boyfriend....but even then it might be a tie. Anyway it was enough for my boyfriend to realize that being apart sucked SO much, that we promised each other to get me legally in Canada by the end of the year. We're getting married ASAP and I'm moving there as soon as I possibly can. I'm SO frickin' excited. I really just canNOT wait.

I mean sure I'll miss my friends, but I hardly ever get to see them as it is. My best friend, Nikki, is the only one I ever really get to see and we've been apart like this before (when she moved to Florida) and she has a boyfriend to occupy her now. It won't be so bad cause I know we'll stay best friends and we'll still visit like before. My family....well my mom I hardly get to see now as it is, and my dad and sister....well I don't NEED to see them every day. My dad I hardly used to see ever, and he's moving to Florida in less than a year anyway. My sister, though I love her and she's fun to hang out with sometimes, drives me crazy and she hasn't matured yet so I can hardly stand to be around her sometimes. Either way I know this is the best thing for me and that it will make me happy, so I'm going for it! YAY!

Part B.
I'm pretty happy in my life right now because for the most part things seem to be coming together. I'm starting to be slightly healthier and more responsible. I feel like I'm gaining control over my life and it isn't bad. For instance...I did my taxes today. Wow. Plus I've been keeping myself on a budget. WOW.
You know, stuff like that.

Part C.
PICTURES!!! (click to see them embiggened)

Anthony, Me & Gigi

Anthony, Me & his sister Gigi

Anthony, Aunt Sophie, & Gigi

Anthony, Aunt Sophie, and Gigi

Smoky Anthony

Anthony in a smoky room


Anthony's friend/roommate Eric (his finger was bitten by a dog)


Anthony & Eric's friend, Joel

Tom cat

One of Anthony's cats, Tom

*****AFTER I GOT HOME******

Kara & Sharon

Me & my friend, Kara at work

Leslee & Sharon

Me & my friend, Leslee at work

And that was my trip. Ta-da!


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Jantember 22, 2-double 0-6   
12:14pm 22/01/2006
mood: tired
This is really why I shouldn't keep a journal.

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07:44pm 03/10/2005
mood: tired
Wazzup bitches?! My birthday rocked!! My work surprised me with a cake and everyone had chipped in and bought me a bike! Yay! Now I don't have to walk to work!! :D Whore-ah!!! Also Nikki got me some cute spongebob socks and toe socks and monkey socks and cute lip gloss and a card with an old lady who looks like Kayla might look when old and confused. We went to see 40 Year Old Virgin which was SO funny. I literally almost peed because I had the largest size Coke ever. God I want to see it again. haha Wow I just found out "Cal" (Seth Rogen) from 40 Year Old Virgin was a writer for Da Ali G show and he's also a Canadian and was in Donnie Darko. Now that's frickin awesome! He was one of my favourite characters after "Andy". Anyway That was fun and I also got some scratch offs and a bike lock from my coworkers. Kara got me some cute socks, cute post-its and a journal, and Leslee got me a cute ring that actually fit and looked good on me. That's a hard thing to pull off. My dad got me two talking Napoleon Dynamite dolls (Napoleon and Pedro), and a talking Napoleon Dynamite pen, and a talking Stewie dashboard decoration (even though I don't have a car). Maybe I can find a way to attach it to my bike. Anyway check ya later! haha

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Marijuana Information   
02:19pm 08/09/2005
mood: discontent
I found this information on a forum somewhere randomly. I have not researched the accuracy of the information, but I know that in general these things are true and in any event they're bound to be more true and less biased than anything the government is feeding you. The comments in parentheses are comments made by the original poster.

Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals, including most of the harmful substances found in tobacco smoke.
(Then why is tobacco legal and marijuana isn’t?)

Smoking one marijuana cigarette deposits about four times more tar into the lungs than a filtered tobacco cigarette.
(How many joints does an average pot-smoker smoke a day? 1, 2 maybe 3. How many cigarettes does the average cigarette smoker smoke a day? 10, 20 maybe 40)

There have been no deaths attributed directly to smoking marijuana. (THAT MEANS ZERO!)
(In 2000, there were approximately 85,000 deaths attributable to either excessive or risky drinking in the U.S., making alcohol the third leading actual cause of death.)

89 percent of people who use hard drugs started out using marijuana.
(Okay. Let’s play the word game. You say how many people that use hard drugs started with marijuana. I ask, how many people that smoke pot go on to use harder drugs? About 2-3 percent. Amazing!)

There are currently 8 states in this country that have medical marijuana laws that allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients for it's effects of increased appetite or reduced pain. Most other prescription drugs can leave the patient being immune to it. THC (the chemical that gives you the high in marijuana) never becomes immunized.

The real reason why marijuana is illegal:

The government doesn’t give a shit what you do to your body. All they care about is A) maintaining control B) collecting taxes… that’s it my friends. The reason why “hard drugs” are illegal is because the government fears that if they let the masses consume these drugs that they will loose control.

And for the finale… The one and only reason why pot (not a “hard drug”) is illegal is this…

Pot can be easily grown in anyone’s backyard, therefore it is impossible to tax!

There you have it folks!

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Ben Lee/Rufus Wainwright/Ben Folds concert   
10:25am 10/08/2005
mood: chipper
FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! (with the exception of Rufus W.)

I went to the concert in Atlantic City at the Borgata casino on 8/7. I went with my friend Bob and his friends Shaun and Jen. I'm not sure if I had met his friends before but they were really funny/nice. We went to TGI Friday's beforehand and I got a huge mango/strawberry daquiri. Then we carpooled down to the casino and stood for like an hour in a small crowd near the stage waiting for the concert to start.

Ben Lee

He was the opening act and surprisingly very good. He had lots of energy and was funny. He got the audience involved and jumped down off the stage to meet people. His songs were similar to Ben Folds but they weren't as magnificent, they were just "good". But that guy seems to be going places.

Rufus Wainwright

He looked JUST like that except in different clothes. He was really annoying/not talented. He was wearing a shiny flowery brooch and he kept dissing NJ and talking about being gay. He was a bad singer and his songs were boring and all of them were slow/sad. I can't believe there were people there who actually liked him. At one point he said "I don't even feel like I'm in NJ" and we were all like wtf because either way you look at that, it's not a compliment. haha because if he was having a good experience (why does that feel un-new jerseyish?) and if it was bad (then he was directly insulting us). so the crowd was kind of silent and he was like uhhh..."i feel like i'm on mars" and we were all like ....... and he said "like the aliens are going to come down and take me through their port hole" or SOMETHING that i'm not kidding you was as stupid as that. He was trying to save himself, but really he just looked like a big idiot. ANYWAY I hated him and so did 80% of the people there, he stole our Ben Folds time. the bastard! We all couldn't wait for him to get off the stage.

Ben Folds

This was my first time seeing him in concert. I had to stand practically sideways on my tiptoes for like an hour and a half but I didn't care. The show was so awesome. I love Ben Folds and he's so talented! The whole show at that point flew by and there wasn't anything about it I didn't like. He sang "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Dr. Dre but to Ben Foldsish music and it was hilarious. He got the audience involved a lot which was fun. He ended up on his piano at the end and he threw his piano stool at the piano at the end of his last song. :D It only cost $35!!! (the ticket to the show)

ANYWAY I gotta go now cause I'm not supposed to be on the computer. Just wanted to let everyone know about my trip. Thanks Bob!!! :D


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Mike Reed   
02:57am 23/07/2005
  Hi I'd just like to post my devoted thanks to Mike Reed. He has been my friend for quite some time, but I've never paid him any livejournal respects. Even though, I saved and treasured things he has sent me, he doesn't seem to find that adequate as an expression of my love. SO I decided to devote this entire livejournal entry to him. One time he created a horoscope about me. It goes as follows: THE NAME SHARON HAS LED YOU TO MANY HARDSHIPS IN LIFE. YOU NORMALLY HAVE A FATHER THAT LOOKS KIND OF LIKE KEVIN SPACEY. YOU TEND TO THINK A LOT. YOU ALWAYS NEED CHANGES, SO, WHEN YOU'RE AROUND 21, YOU MAY WANT TO DROP OUT OF COLLEGE JUST TO MAKE A CHANGE ON LIFE. SHARONS TEND TO MARRY AT A YOUNG AGE, BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. YOU ARE DEEP, PHILOSOPHICAL, AND REFINED. SHARONS TEND TO BE EXTERMELY DOWN TO EARTH, AND HAVE GREAT SENSES OF HUMOR. Isn't that groovy, though entirely in caps? I am now talking to him on the phone, he states, "I have a big ego, among other big things." I am drunk so I can't keep this up, but yeah Mike is great and I just wanted to express that.  

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meaning of life   
11:47pm 17/07/2005
mood: tired
I was talking with my co-worker about the meaning of life, and I wasn't sure what to say, but it got me thinking about it.

I think life is about balance. Some say it's about being happy, but your happiness might make someone else unhappy somehow, and life would end up being one big battle. Some think it's about serving or helping others and making the world a better place, but what would be the point of that? You'd never get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you would never get to enjoy what is if you were constantly trying to improve it. Some people feel like life is endless disappointment and unhappiness, if that's true, why bother continuing to live? We don't really know how we got here, why we are the way we are, or our purpose (if we even have one). Everything else in life seems to have a purpose, so logic would allow that so do we. Of all living things, we seem to be the most cognizant. We're truly conscious of ourselves, and though we have the regular "primitive" drives such as sleep, food, water, reproduction, and survival; we also are driven to hope, wonder, and think. If we're so different, is it because we're meant to be or because we're just the first step in a slow evolution? Even if we're a small part of a bigger picture, everything in life is constantly moving forward. We're literally always moving around, but we're also always striving towards greater things. I think that balance is the point of life because it's the fastest and easiest way to move forward. Everything in the universe balances something else. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction type thing. And I think too much happiness, too much sadness, too much passiveness, too much dominance all seem to eventually push a person into stagnation. But balance between these, dipping back and forth between things, reminds a person what to strive for."

Anyway did that make any sense? These are the things I think about when work is slow. haha Have a good day!!!

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01:54pm 17/07/2005
mood: okay
I was reading my bezast friend's journal and she said:
Sharon is coming to hang out with me. We're gonna sell stuff on ebay so I can save money for a down payment on my car.

I love how she helps me do anything I need. Shes such a cool friend. even if i needed her to help me pick my nose..She'd be there like what?! I even grew my nails out for a week to help witht he hard ones! hahahahaha. Ohhh man fun times.

That makes me chuckle. We won't be chuckling so much when because of my extra long fingernails, I accidentally pierce her nasal septum and she has to be driven to the hospital for nose picking related injury. Lady fate, she be a harsh mistress.

i rock peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head
bees on my head, but don't call me a bee head
bruce lees on my head, but don't call me a lee head
now please excuse me
cause i gotsta get my tree fed


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01:40pm 03/07/2005
mood: anxious
i'm going to Canada for a week.

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09:04pm 27/06/2005
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Taken from clone.manga


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