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The Final Frontier

Part 4

Here are just 2 pitchers...I wanted one of my dad and my sister...cause I don't have any of my dad pretty much and I don't have any recent ones of my sister.

Is there a family resemblance? That's my good old dad.

I never had a more sisterly sister.

Just so you folks know (haha like anyone reads my journal), I'm moving to Canadia on Tuesday and I won't be updating for a whiiiiiiiiiiiiile cause I won't have internet. SO just bear that in mind and love me from memory. Aight? BYE!!!!
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Have a safe move.
Here's to hoping you are alright and moveded in! =)
hey! thanks for the good sentiments. i am already moveded in, but i don't have the internet yet so that's why i'm never on or writing anything. i can only check my email via my mother in law's computer. anywhoo hope everything is going well with you, i will pop onto your journal to tell you so. thanks!