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Part 3

Almost at the end!

At the end of the last night of work I hung out w/ my friend Wes & his friend Jim. It was SOOPER fun! Hanging out w/ Wes is always pretty fun cause we go on adventures, but we got to "recreate" which makes everything even more fun!

Anyway me, Wes & Jim went out near Wes' house...I THINK he lives in Turnersville or whatever. And we took this path through a small wooded area and came out by a huge lake and a bridge/waterfall thing. So we just chilled/talked/recreated for like 1-2 hours. And throughout the WHOLE time, it was thundering/lightning but no rain and it was AWESOME. It got especially awesome at the end, but it started raining after a little while on the walk back. At the end of the night we took pictures to commemorate it.

Me & Wes
Me & Wes outside his house, the only picture of us together ever taken!

Wes & Jim
Wes & Jim, Jim's got on fancy clothes! haha

fun times. fo' shizzle.
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