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Last of Days

Hi everybody! I'm going to be posting a few posts of my last few days here. I took pictures of everyone at my work and also of a few friends who I won't be seeing for a while. I hope you like the photographic tales of what will be my last of days in NJ. (for now)

Part One: Hanging out w/ Mike Reed

I've been hanging out w/ lots of my friends over the past 2 weeks, but I didn't always have the foresight to bring a disposable camera. THIS time however, I did.

First, me & Mike went to Quizno's (our usual hanging out spot of 2 times) and ate some sammitches. I'm always up for eating sammitches, so it was fun. When I was ordering mine though, I was all difficult for the sandwich making guy...i asked him to let me try a few sauces cause i wanted to figure out the vinegar content. I apologized and he was pretty nice to me even though I knew he was like "what the FREAK?!" inside. So we munched our lunch and discussed stuff like things and relationships. Interesting! haha I always have fun w/ Mike because he compliments me a lot. haha. Silly old he. Except he's younger kind of old. It made me think of Ryan because whenever I think of relationship PROBLEMS I think of him. haha But at least I was able to let go of that and not dwell on it. And when we were done eating and still had some time left, we went to Tunes (our second usual hanging out spot following Quizno's of 2 times).

Tunes is awesome and I had wanted to go earlier in the year (but never got the chance), but I'm kind of glad I didn't BECAUSE: I spent at least $60. SIXTY BIZZUCKS. That's a lot....luckily I've been budgeting. I bought Bright Eyes (LIFTED or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground), Cursive (The Ugly Organ), Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon - I've never heard it before and people really react when I tell them when I tell them I've NEVER seen Star Wars [the old one]), Rilo Kiley (Take Offs and Landings - how ironic), and Modest Mouse (The Lonesome Crowded West). I'm happy w/ my purchases for the MOST part...i could have lived without Cursive and Modest Mouse...i thought they were going to be betterish...based on the songs I heard of them that I liked, "Art is Hard" and "Polar Opposites" respectively. BUT I AM the kind of person who needs to listen to things like 10 times before I learn to appreciate it fully so we'll see.

ANYWAY I dunno exactly what Mike bought cause I fro-get...but I know he was checking out movies. Oh yeah and he has a pretty sweet car and a really good job which I didn't know about but he makes a LOT o' money per year. like a good few tens of thousands more than me. When we left Tunes, some lady asked us if we had time to answer some question, so to be nice, I did and then she ran off to get perfume samples and I was like whoa lady, i gotta go to work. AND like 2 seconds later getting into Mike's car, some guy was like Excuse me, do you have a second for me to ask you a question? And I said well is it about what that lady was just asking about the perfume? And he was like No, I just wanted to know what time it is. And so I felt all stupid/mean, but Mike was like "you know, he was just playing it off and he really was one of those question askers" (those weren't his exact words). and I realized HMM you're right. i hate being slow to stuff like that....i can't believe how naive i am. :P

Sadly, after Tunes, I had to go to werk, so Mike dropped me off but we got some picatures first. Courtesy of Marcus, the window cleaner at Otts. So here they are:

(Click Pictures to Embiggen)

Mike scarfing a sammitch
Mike scarfing a Quizno's sammitch

Me & Mike @ Ott's
I look all misshapen in the chin area cause I took the picture and had to lean back due to stubby arm syndrome

Me & Mike @ Ott's The Sequel
The Sequel...even better than the first

Thumbs Up
Mike's cheery good-bye :(

And that's all she wrote for that portion of the day. Also, if you're wondering why Mike gets talked about so much in my journal, when I don't even post that often, it's because he asks. You get what you ask for! haha I like all my friends, but I'm lazy about making plans and etc....I know I should get better :( But my pushier friends tend to get to see me more. Anyway more to come!
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