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entry of the year!

i declared this entry of the year. and seeing how it's the only real entry so far this year, why not? i have some real stuff to talk about for once.

Part A.
I just got back from Canada. I was there for 2 weeks visiting my boyfriend. It was the most AWESOME week ever. The only happier visit I've ever had might have been when I first met my boyfriend....but even then it might be a tie. Anyway it was enough for my boyfriend to realize that being apart sucked SO much, that we promised each other to get me legally in Canada by the end of the year. We're getting married ASAP and I'm moving there as soon as I possibly can. I'm SO frickin' excited. I really just canNOT wait.

I mean sure I'll miss my friends, but I hardly ever get to see them as it is. My best friend, Nikki, is the only one I ever really get to see and we've been apart like this before (when she moved to Florida) and she has a boyfriend to occupy her now. It won't be so bad cause I know we'll stay best friends and we'll still visit like before. My family....well my mom I hardly get to see now as it is, and my dad and sister....well I don't NEED to see them every day. My dad I hardly used to see ever, and he's moving to Florida in less than a year anyway. My sister, though I love her and she's fun to hang out with sometimes, drives me crazy and she hasn't matured yet so I can hardly stand to be around her sometimes. Either way I know this is the best thing for me and that it will make me happy, so I'm going for it! YAY!

Part B.
I'm pretty happy in my life right now because for the most part things seem to be coming together. I'm starting to be slightly healthier and more responsible. I feel like I'm gaining control over my life and it isn't bad. For instance...I did my taxes today. Wow. Plus I've been keeping myself on a budget. WOW.
You know, stuff like that.

Part C.
PICTURES!!! (click to see them embiggened)

Anthony, Me & Gigi

Anthony, Me & his sister Gigi

Anthony, Aunt Sophie, & Gigi

Anthony, Aunt Sophie, and Gigi

Smoky Anthony

Anthony in a smoky room


Anthony's friend/roommate Eric (his finger was bitten by a dog)


Anthony & Eric's friend, Joel

Tom cat

One of Anthony's cats, Tom

*****AFTER I GOT HOME******

Kara & Sharon

Me & my friend, Kara at work

Leslee & Sharon

Me & my friend, Leslee at work

And that was my trip. Ta-da!

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