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Marijuana Information

I found this information on a forum somewhere randomly. I have not researched the accuracy of the information, but I know that in general these things are true and in any event they're bound to be more true and less biased than anything the government is feeding you. The comments in parentheses are comments made by the original poster.

Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals, including most of the harmful substances found in tobacco smoke.
(Then why is tobacco legal and marijuana isn’t?)

Smoking one marijuana cigarette deposits about four times more tar into the lungs than a filtered tobacco cigarette.
(How many joints does an average pot-smoker smoke a day? 1, 2 maybe 3. How many cigarettes does the average cigarette smoker smoke a day? 10, 20 maybe 40)

There have been no deaths attributed directly to smoking marijuana. (THAT MEANS ZERO!)
(In 2000, there were approximately 85,000 deaths attributable to either excessive or risky drinking in the U.S., making alcohol the third leading actual cause of death.)

89 percent of people who use hard drugs started out using marijuana.
(Okay. Let’s play the word game. You say how many people that use hard drugs started with marijuana. I ask, how many people that smoke pot go on to use harder drugs? About 2-3 percent. Amazing!)

There are currently 8 states in this country that have medical marijuana laws that allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients for it's effects of increased appetite or reduced pain. Most other prescription drugs can leave the patient being immune to it. THC (the chemical that gives you the high in marijuana) never becomes immunized.

The real reason why marijuana is illegal:

The government doesn’t give a shit what you do to your body. All they care about is A) maintaining control B) collecting taxes… that’s it my friends. The reason why “hard drugs” are illegal is because the government fears that if they let the masses consume these drugs that they will loose control.

And for the finale… The one and only reason why pot (not a “hard drug”) is illegal is this…

Pot can be easily grown in anyone’s backyard, therefore it is impossible to tax!

There you have it folks!
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